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Dark Souls
No pause feature? What if I need to answer the phone?
Dark Souls example


Time for my Zoom meeting and my system is bogged down with a render..
Blender example


Toggle active window

Nyrna can be used to toggle the suspend / resume state of one active window:

  • Linux
    • Set a hotkey in system settings to run the nyrna executable with the --toggle flag, example:

      ~/Applications/Nyrna/nyrna –toggle

  • Windows
    • In settings enable Close to tray, and configure a hotkey. While Nyrna is opened or in the system tray this hotkey will trigger suspend/resume for the actively focused window.
      • Optionally, from Nyrna’s settings you can set this hotkey monitor to run automatically at boot.

Now simply press the hotkey on your keyboard to have the window of your currently active application suspended. A subsequent press will resume that application.

Tip: You can use something like AntiMicro to trigger this hotkey with your gamepad, allowing you to suspend/resume your game with just your controller.

Linux Example

KDE System Settings:

  • Shortcuts ->
  • Custom Shortcuts ->
    • Edit ->
      • New ->
        • Global Shortcut
          • Action: /path/to/nyrna/nyrna_toggle_active_window

KDE custom shortcut