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Dark Souls
No pause feature? What if I need to answer the phone?
Dark Souls example


Time for my Zoom meeting and my system is bogged down with a render..
Blender example


Toggle active window

Nyrna can be used to toggle the suspend / resume state of one active window:

  • Windows
    • In settings enable Close to tray, and configure a hotkey. While Nyrna is opened or in the system tray this hotkey will trigger suspend/resume for the actively focused window.
      • You can also set Nyrna to run automatically when you sign in.
  • Linux
    • Set a hotkey in system settings to run the nyrna executable with the --toggle flag, example:

      ~/Applications/Nyrna/nyrna –toggle


    • Set a hotkey in Nyrna’s settings the same way as for Windows.

Now simply press the hotkey on your keyboard to have the window of your currently active application suspended. A subsequent press will resume that application.

Tip: You can use something like AntiMicro to trigger this hotkey with your gamepad, allowing you to suspend/resume your game with just your controller.

Linux Example

KDE System Settings:

  • Shortcuts ->
  • Custom Shortcuts ->
    • Edit ->
      • New ->
        • Global Shortcut
          • Action: /path/to/nyrna/nyrna_toggle_active_window

KDE custom shortcut